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Master Jere R. Hilland, hapkido 8th dan
kidohae dan number 18-02-H315

Cypress, Texas

Master J. R. West, hapkido 9th dan
kidohae dan number 89

Jackson, Mississippi


USA representative for the kiidohae



The kidohae (Korea Kido Association) 대한 기도회 was created in March 1960, and established as a non profit organization for the purpose of spreading hapkido by the Ministry of Education on September 2, 1963.
It is the oldest and original hapkido organization.

          Choi Young Sul, the founder of hapkido was the first President of the kidohae.

          Kim Jung Yun was appointed Secretary General by Choi Young Sul.

The USKMAF is a US representative organization for the kidohae.

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