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North Dakota





Fargo Firearms Training

North Dakota Concealed Weapons Permit Course
Minnesota Permit to Carry Course*
Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Course
Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit Course
Florida Concealed Firearms Permit Course
Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Shooting Courses
Personal Protection Courses
Range Safety Officer Course
Reloading Courses
Private Lesson

(Includes Free Florida and Arizona Certificates)


We are moving to the Reedsburg, Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo area. Additoinal classes will include NRA Instrcutor Courses and the WI CCW permit course.

For the North Dakota Concealed Weapons Permit Course and Pistol shooting Course contact Lisa Dirk at

For the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Course and Minnesota Permit to Carry Course contact Craig Roe at 701-212-7806.

I will continue to offer private lessons in Fargo through the end of August.

CCW Classes: I offer the North Dakota Concealed Weapons Permit, Minnesota Permit To Carry, and Utah Concealed Firearms Permit classes. The Minnesota Permit To Carry Class includes a Course Completion Certificate for obtaining a Florida Concealed Weapons License and/or Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit at no additional cost. I do not offer multi-state classes as they are in violation of ND CCW rules which states "All classroom instruction and testing must be held and completed with the state of North Dakota and cannot be held in conjunction with any other state’s testing." In addition, Utah law states: "When teaching Utah concealed firearm permit classes, you must teach the Utah class in its entirety."

Firearms Training: These are safe, fun and effective courses in the use of pistols, rifles and shotguns. The programs include basic knowledge for the purchasing of a firearm, safe handling, parts and operation, ammunition, shooting fundamentals, marksmanship, cleaning and storing, strategies for home safety and responding to a violent confrontation, firearms and the law.

North Dakota Concealed Weapons Permit Course is $50/person.
Minnesota Permit to Carry Course is $120/person.
Utah Concealed Weapons Permit Course is $100/person.
Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, or RSO courses are $75/person.
FIRST Step courses are $60/person.
PPITH or PPOTH level 1 (basic) courses are $100/person.
PPOTH level 2 (advanced) is $75/person.
Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course is $75/person.
Basic Shotgun Shell Reloading Course is $60/person.
Minimum 20 students per course at your facility.

**Textbooks, range fees and targets are included in all courses taught at Red River Regional Marksmanship Center except for the ND Class 1 Permit Course as range fees are payable to the range.

No guarantee of issue of a CCW permit is implied by successful completion of a Concealed Carry Permit Course.