Training Courses

NRA Range Safety Officer Course
Range Safety Officer Course
    (9 hours) Non-shooting Course

NRA Pistol Courses
Pistol Shooting Course
    (8 hours)
Personal Protection in the Home Course
    (8 hours)
Personal Protection Outside The Home Course
    Level 1 (9 hours)
    Level 2 (5 hours)
Defensive Pistol Course
    (4-6 hours)

NRA Rifle Courses
Rifle Shooting Course
    (14 hours)
First Steps Rifle Orientation
    (3 hours)

NRA Shotgun Courses
NRA Shotgun Shooting Course
    (10 hours)
First Steps Shotgul Orientation
    (3 hours)

Additional Courses
Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training
Women on Target Shooting Clinic
Gun Safety Seminar